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What Is Personal Injury?

Last updated on October 26, 2021

Personal injury is any physical or psychological harm suffered by an individual due to the wrongful conduct or negligence of another person or entity. Most personal injury cases are based on negligence, which means a failure to use the appropriate care you would expect from an average person in a similar situation. This includes both careless acts and in some circumstances, a failure to act.

Personal injury claims and lawsuits can be brought against a negligent person to recover for a victim’s medical bills, property damage, other actual monetary expenses incurred, pain and suffering, and possibly “exemplary” or special damages allowed for malicious or grossly negligent behavior.

Some examples of the types of personal injuries cases we handle are:

  • Vehicle accidents, including individuals, uninsured motorists and large trucks

  • Premises liability (a slip-and-fall or injury due to a condition on another’s property)
  • Boating accidents

  • Construction site accidents

  • Wrongful death and survival actions (brought by a victim’s estate or the surviving family of a victim for the death caused by negligent actions of another).

Why Do I Need An Attorney?

It is wise to retain an attorney immediately after an accident or injury to protect yourself from those who may not be so invested in your best interests. Let the skilled and experienced staff at Hazel Brown Law Firm, PLLC, do all the legwork for you with no upfront cost.

Our firm’s services start immediately after your accident and continue until you are satisfied. Services include evidence gathering, investigation, confrontation of the issues and negotiations with your insurance company and the opposing party. If you have suffered, you need a savvy advocate to maximize your benefits and enhance the quality of your recovery.

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