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Employer May Be Liable for Employee Traveling

by | Jun 1, 2019 | Personal Injury |

If you have been injured while at work, your employer is likely liable for your injuries. The waters muddy however, if your injury occurred while you were traveling to or from work, an offsite location, or running a simple errand for your employer. Generally, Texas law adheres to the “coming-and-going rule”, where the employer is generally not liable for the acts of its employees while travelling to and from work. As with most legal issues, there are exceptions to the rule.

Recent Texas Courts have held that an employer may be liable for offsite or travel injuries if the employee is on a “special mission”. The Texas Supreme Court defined a “special mission” as travel to and from home as either part of regular duties or at the specific request of the employer. The Court elaborated, explaining that the activity may fall under the special mission exception where the employee is performing the service in furtherance of they employer’s business with the express or implied approval of his employer.

Often where there appears to be a bright line rule, there are exceptions in the law that create liability that works in your favor. If you have been injured in association with your job, the best choice is to talk with an attorney about options.

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