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Comal County Veterans Treatment Court

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Criminal Defense |


Comal County has recently opened a new treatment court aimed toward aiding Veterans who have been confronted with misdemeanor criminal issues. Under the Comal County Veterans Treatment Court, Veterans are able to participate in a minimum 12 month long program narrowly tailored to their specific needs. The Veterans Treatment Court, through the VA and local affiliates, offers financial planning assistance, help with transportation, options for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, aid with mental health, along with a program created to help keep all participants accountable and on track. Each track of the program has four stages leading to a community transition period, all designed to enable Veterans to address the goals set out by the Veteran at the beginning of the program. Under Track 1, which includes all eligible misdemeanor offenses except DWIs, the Veteran will be placed on pre-trial intervention and upon successful completion of the program, able to have the arrest and charge expunged from their records. Under Track 2, for DWI offenses, the Veteran will be placed on probation with a low $500.00 fee for the entire program, including fines and court costs.

In addition to the services provided, the Veterans Treatment Court offers numerous incentives, including pre-trial intervention, which allows the Veteran to have the arrest and charge expunged from their record, actual help through the program in having one’s records expunged rather than having to seek out another attorney, and possible reduction in charges for eligible high blood alcohol concentration DWIs originally charged as Class A misdemeanors to Class B misdemeanors will the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) suppressed.

As members of the legal community, Hazel Brown Law Firm, PLLC is committed to being a part of the Veterans Treatment Court by volunteering time and resources to the Court in order to provide proper representation for the Veterans throughout the process. Veterans will have a defense counsel present for all hearings who will be able to answer any questions and advocate for the Veteran through each phase, ultimately leading to successful completion, rehabilitation, and transition.

If you or someone you know may be a potential candidate for this specialty court (as a Veteran), you may apply through Comal County Court at Law # 2 per the application at think link: